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Rules for Etang Max

**Enjoying your stay with us is the most important rule.**

Drive & Thrive


Please note

your deposits are held till you depart from the venue

and are accumulative IE EACH PERSONS DEPOSIT

covers any person in your group for cleaning or damage

to any part of the site or equipment

shower and toilet to be left as you would like to find it

  1. 6 rods max on both lakes Any carp over 35lb you must make contact with peter or maria to oversee photos and handling if at all possible
  2. You must have a suitable landing net 42"minimum ready at all times when fishing fish must be kept wet and no bagging or sacks
  3. all fish being photographed must be held over an unhooking cradle at all times - photos should only be taken kneeling down. Under no circumstances should you hold a fish standing up, carp returned to the water without delay
  4. very large cradles preferred for all carp for safe carp handling ,these must arrive dry & be disinfected to stop cross contamination
  5. Do not ever leave your rods unattended when your line is in the water (your fishing session will end if seen) carefully dispose of all litter including cigarette ends use bins provided
  6. pls do not bring or leave us with glass bottles it will incur a recycling charge from your deposit
  7. No nut bait products allowed on site
  8. bring your own safe quality bait if there is something you swear by but our bait has had amazing results (1751 lb in a week)
  9. You must have Klin-Ik first aid for fish (or similar make) to treat all hook wounds if you are not looking after our fishy friends you will be asked to leave !
  10. barbless or micro barbed hooks only,
  11. only industry recognised safe rigs to be used , no fixed lead rigs, and all leads must be able to break free should a fish become snagged. no Ronnie or 360 rigs
  12. no braided main line or leaders, no snag, tether, shock leaders"
  13. Not less than 15lbs main line rig tubing compulsory for scale protection
  14. no fires are allowed on the site
  15. Maximum of 6 rods per lake see price list
  16. Bait boats might be helpfull for lower lake no fish finders to be used on our lakes (unsporting)
  17. no smoking allowed in bus/carpers cabin or bivvys use appropriate bins
  18. The electric supply on the site is solar and can only be used when there is excess power being created in sun shine daytime there is a limited supply.