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first week first day first hour bertha puts in a apperence

28/3/15 to 4/4/15
dean with alfie his ten year old son and friend arron  joined us  after a short wait at the airport due to our van breaking down on the way to pick them up
maria got them settled in as I was stuck on the back of a breakdown truck
I arrived at the lake being greeted by Alfie shouting dads got a big fish think its 50lb bertha ??? 
in fact it was the second carp that was caught within a hour of them setting up
and blow me it was bertha she could not wait to get out of the water she had lost about a pound in weight over the winter
over that week dean was the most prolific carper catching heaps of high teens low twentys and a 33 lb er
son Alfie also broke his p.b with a stunning 22lber
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