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1st weeks catch richard and dean25/10 -01/11

Dean and Richard took a last minute booking after paying a £50 deposit and ordering the weeks bait.  They turned up two weeks later at the lake,  set up all the smart looking carp kit and had a bit of rest after their night drive.
We had a good chance to chat about each others  fishing experience  and the lakes history  over the next few days where it became apparent that Richard was a very keen fisherman dare i say fanatical carper, fishing most weeks of the year back in the UK in many venues.
Dean enjoyed fishing but was just as happy to enjoy the tranquil setting and the very kind weather which was wall to wall sunshine for the six days of fishing . They are both very knowledgeble &  interesting to talk to,they certainly know their stuff.
Soon the lads were bringing the carp in. 
Between them the pair netted 480lb of quallity carp. These were  mostly mirrors, 21 doubles most in high teens and included 14.4/15.2/15.5/16.1/16.12/16.14/17.8/17.12/17.14/18.0/18.2/18.12/19.1/19.4/19.10/19.12/20.4/21.2/23.12/25.0lb.  On this occassion the 30lbers & our 40lber didn't put in an appearance but it wasn't for the want of trying. 
Richard was prolific at catching and had by far the biggest weekly catch total.  Dean added to the total but  lost close to the bank one that could of beat his personal best which was really unfortunate but that's the way it goes sometimes.
Thank you both for your high praise of the venue and service,it was a pleasure to have you here. See you next year we hope.
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