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 After  fishing all week on another lake we had the pleasure of meeting Peter, who asked us how things were going. We explained that the fishing was not going well Peter was kind enough to invite us to fish his lake to see if we could improve on our catch. We had less than 18 hours before we had to drive home. We decided that we would give his lake a go, so moved all our fishing gear in the rain. Well the weather got worse but within 5 minutes I was grabbing my rod to land a 26lb mirror. The torrential rain continued then turned to hail the size of marbles and at times the size of golf balls, you would think this would kill any chance of getting more fish but no in the middle of the hail storm I hooked into a common carp weighing 16 1/4 lb (Colin was not happy having to leave the bivy to help me land it) By 2.30 am we had to stop fishing as we had a long drive home to make and needed some sleep. We had a couple more hours fishing as we packed up. All in all in approximately 12 hours I bagged up with 146 1/2 lb of fish the best was 26lb but I had a 23lb several 18lb the smallest was 14lb. Not to bad for a woman that only goes fishing twice a year. Colin also had a good number of fish but spent a lot of time playing net boy for me. Peter we both would like to thank you so much it was a pleasure to fish your lake and we are really looking forward to fishing it again soon. We would recommend this lake to anyone. Clean well kept and first class fishing. Oh and thank 1950's bus just loved it. photo's to follow Debbie & Colin Neve.
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